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No Hassle Insurance Claims Process

We will work directly with your insurance company to have the claim processed for you.

You will not have to worry about negotiating and fighting with your insurance company.  Most of the time, insurance carriers will give you a low ball dollar amount and hope you walk away and then you find out no repair shop will fix your vehicle for the amount your insurance gave you.

Since we are an insurance carrier approved paintless dent repair facility, we will do the negotiating on your behalf.  We wash down your car, wax it and our certified and trained technicians will circle every single dent on your automobile and in most cases, your field insurance adjuster will miss 20%-40% of the damage, which is why they give you a low dollar amount for the repairs.

Our technicians also use a specialized PDR light while inspecting your automobile making sure nothing is missed.  We will write up a true, accurate estimate of the repair cost and submit it to your insurance company along with multiple photos showing all the damage.  Then we will repair your auto to it’s original condition.

  • Your Insurance Premiums Will Not Rise Due To a Hail Claim.


Call us now to get the process started.  720-295-6311 and ask for Joe.