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Does Your Vehicle Have Hail Damage?

We are the experts in this field.  Paintless Dent Repair also commonly referred to as PDR is one way to have your vehicle fixed.


What is Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is a safe and eco-friendly process to restore your vehicle back to it’s original condition.  There are specialized paintless dent repair tools that massage the backside of the metal panels to it’s original structure.

Our qualified technicians here at Pro Masters Auto Hail Center in Denver, CO will use their special tools to apply pressure to the backside of the dent and gradually push it outwards to elevate it to it’s original position.

The finished result is truly amazing.


This method of removing dents is recommended by all insurance companies.

If your vehicle has suffered damage from a hail storm, it may qualify for PDR with us.  It’s a great solution.  Give us a call at 720-295-6311 and ask for Joe.  Pro Masters will be happy to help you!